18th May, 2016

Hey everyone, I’m back. I’ve been a little busy of late working on a few collaborative projects outside of my own personal writing. However, I’m happy to announce that as of today I have a new short published on Amazon – an eerie little coming of age tale called Hellsinkie.

This piece was largely inspired by my youth, growing up in the quiet, coastal Australian suburb of Terranora. Back then, my friends and I liked nothing more than to explore the surrounding neighbourhoods, sometimes even venturing out into the mysterious bushland beyond.

I still recall the thrill of discovering a towering, untouched waterfall deep within a rainforest. I chuckle at the thought of us wandering so far into a nearby macadamia farm that we almost lost our way back home.

These were the seeds of Hellsinkie. I wanted to create something that captured the essence of those moments. That innocence. That joy that came from stumbling across what felt like a special, secret place.

I sought to not only reflect on childhood, but also on how it ends. It’s something that fades so gradually that you don’t notice until it’s gone. Then all of a sudden, you see it. In your surroundings. In your friends. And while those special places may be swept away, bulldozed and buried to prepare for the generations to come, the memories still remain. Perhaps if you are lucky, those who you share them with do too.

As always, there’s a rather generous preview on the front page of the website. Give it a read, and if you dig it you can follow the link at the bottom of the page to purchase the full version on Amazon. Enjoy.


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